Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Psyche Ward

This morning I felt like I was working on a psyche ward. Aj UNHINGED when I turned off the tv. Rule is supposed to be we turn it off at 7:30 am to get ready for school. I turned off his sports show where he, in hindsight, was waiting to watch for the score of a "very important" basketball game. He raged for 20 minutes. Of course Granny emerged from the bedroom asking him what was wrong and further added to the fun. My poor, sweet, Ki was appropriately distressed by all of this. Even when I touch base every so often and say "Ki, I am fine. Mommy is fine."
She was late for school and very distressed.
When I finally take them to school we are like 25 minutes late. In the office with us are of course the 2 volunteer do-gooders (honestly) of the school. The PTA president and the 8 months pregnanat brownie leader. Both of whom I have let down and flaked on in terms of following-up on so many things that I can't even begin to list them here. I left school tearful and feeling like crap. Cancelled my 2 am clients and am now hibernating at jennyalice's house. I just need to get out of the pit of my house and away from my Mom. Jennyalice is out shopping and knows I am here. The dogs don't even bark when I come over anymore. I finished the coffee, have started in on a container of small biscotti and 3 pieces of candy. I brought work over and just finished some email follow up -so I feel good about that.

Life sucks sometimes.


  1. wow. nasty day. hope today was better.


  2. yup. Life does sucks sometimes. Glad to hear you have a safe refuge.
    big hugs