Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am the responsible adult

Well someone thinks so.
I am hanging out at doubletrouble's house acting as the "responsible adult" that must be present while the boys, A and B, receive ABA.
I greeted the bus and brought the boys inside. The boys and I toileted, snacked and we chatted and now they are off with their tutors in the other room. I got to spend a half hour total with A and B, which was nice. I could really see where they are at right now (both have autism). Having known them for 6 years now (yikes!) I can really appreciate how far they have come.
A. is really tremendous. He follows directions, answers yes and no questions, tells me his name when I ask, makes super eye contact, smiles and is engaging. And SO much talking. Lots of reciprical responses and attempts to verbalize.
Brother B is more engaging as well. He is also quite busy. I mean BUSY. I mean check on what he is up to every 2 to 3 min. He is doing so nicely at using the bathroom and going thru ther whole routine. He is SO much more present.
I remember when both guys ate only chips and rice/noodles or pureed soup. Now they eat so many diferent things it is incredible. So many nice changes. This is the beauty of the tribe of families. We are moving along in time here-we can really appreciate each others kids and the wonderful changes they have made.
Back to the moment - At the moment I am ALONE in a room (how often does that happen!) drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee, blogging and listening to a Norah JOnes CD that I borrowed off the shelf and downloaded onto my computer. Nice gig, eh? When people find out how good a deal this is they will be lining up at the door!


  1. Thanks Amiga, you're the greatest!

  2. it's nice to know you are good mommy to all...