Friday, February 15, 2008

My Girl, talkin' 'bout my little girl

Ki was invited to 4 birthday parties in 4 days. Yeah! Although, she still pretty much plays on her own
One of the parties was held at Build A Beare. If you haven't been into one of these mall-based shops you need to check it out for entertainment.
The children choose from a variety of animals. Mostly there are bears. And many are cute pink, purple and otherwise girly type animals.
After choosing and stuffing the animal you can't get out of the store without purusing thru the bazillion outfits designed for the animals. They have it all, shoes, socks, and yes, even Hello Kitty underwear for the stuffed animlas to wear. I have to say I was impressed to see a wheelchair and perscription-type glasses. I give kudos for that.
Back to the party. I told Ki I would pay the extra fee for her to get any animal she wanted. Her favorite animal is the penguin, and we'd just seen the move Surf's Up. So she chose the penguin. No surprise there. On the provided birth certificate she named him, Water.
When the stuffing was done and the party over-I told her she could pick out an outfit for him. Well, a majority of the outfits are princess like or dresses. Lots of Valentine type outfits. I walked around with her and pointed out all outfits not containing a skirt or the heinous color of pink. That left us with: sports, military professional uniforms, fisherman, movie characters and a hiker among others.
So as the other girls packed home a new bear dressed in it's feminine finest,
my girl left hugging a penguin dressed as a...cop.

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  1. If I had a girl, I'd want one just like Ki. A penguin in a cop uniform. Now we're talking!