Monday, December 31, 2007

Poopy Puppy

This morning i was rolling and playing with the kids in bed. I noticed Java hadn't been around, which is un usual. I called her a few times. No go. Suddenly I heard her zip thru the doggie door and then she bounded onto the bed. She had wet paws and legs and a dirty, wet snout.
Then the data collated in my head.
toilet plugged up in our bathroom... shower not draining... sump pump on and off since yesterday-when it was not raining...that is not mud on her snout
I went in the backyard and found water and sewage flowing like a river across the yard.
Now for the good news. I put in a call to a plumber and Pops called the county. Mr. County plumber arrived first. So while the crap that is flowing all over the yard may be the neighbors-it is due to a problem in the line on the street versus a pipe in our yard! So there will be no cost to us!!!!!!!!
So that is good news to me. I guess it is all in perspective taking. But I won't be inviting anyone over for a backyard picnic anytime soon.

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  1. you are shitting me.. apparently I missed this blog entry.. I am so so sososososos sorry.

    ugh ugh ugh