Friday, December 14, 2007

I am sorry, what did you say?

Aj and I had a very rough morning on wed. then around 1:00 I got a call from Pops who said the teacher had called him (seems she is avoiding calling me for some reason...). Seems Aj became frustrated in reading class and mumbled under his breath that he wanted to kill himself and the reading teacher.But then he returned to his happy self was appropriately doing reading work back in his regular class.
holy shit
well...aj often uses language without always understanding the full intent.I have been verbally banned from many things by him. When he is frustrated he goes to the language archive and accesses previously heard or used words. But none the less this is concerning and of course set of a flurry of calls/communications to principal, inclusion spec etc. I came to school before the day ended and touched base with teacher and aide in person. After school Aj and i went and talked to the reading teacher. I told him he should take ki and I there to meet her. She was lovely with him. We talked about how he can't be chosen every time he has his hand up because there is a whole class of 11 kids during reading time. And what could he do if he felt frustrated waiting. He still has no idea about the weight of the words he used or small storm left in his wake.
The good news was that he did say this under his breath so other kids (except maybe 1) didn't hear it. That comment would have been really awful to have a kid go share with his parents and friends on the playground.
The medication he is on, Daytrona, and many ADHD type meds can cause an increase in anxiety, and I think he has some anxiety already. Also, I gave him a nearly full dose instead of teh 80% we'd been doing. So it may be that and the bad morning and poor coping skills...I was telling Pops that I think he is having more blow ups lately but that I can't keep that math straight. If it is 3 or 7 it still wipes me out and makes for some miserable hours and I lose count. I will count more this weekend and see and also get in touch with MD.
Never a dull moment

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  1. wow, what a storm over those comments.

    i don't want to minimize, especially the reference to killing himself. But our culture is loaded with references like "i could just kill that [whoever] after they did that thing..." last year i got called because my every so gracious 8 yr old muttered "I could just kill Mrs. such-and-such" as the teacher's assistant walked away after correcting him. his nemesis, a girl sitting nearby, heard and delightedly tattled. he was confused he couldn't use that phrase... doesn't really get what it means. but the principal, the teacher, and I do know, so we all had a wonderful talk about it. ahem.

    good luck with the meds. i'll be interested in hearing if the ADHD meds help with the blowups.