Friday, December 21, 2007

Mushy Christmas Brain

Early last week I thought I was something else. I wrapped up pretty much all of my Christmas shopping over the Internet-via good ol' Ammazon. I also started a bunch of cooking- Christmas (candy) bark, peppermint bark, Chex mix, and homemade apple sauce. Today I planned to take kids to Stamford mall to have lunch at McDonald's and then go visit Santa.
This morning I told Aj about the plans for our day. He unhinged. He had been planning on going to Quizzno's. 20 to 30 min of screaming, crying... AAHHH! I had told myself I would crank out the last double batch of the Chex Mix and then we would leave - or some of us would. So feeling a bit tense from Aj's continuing blow up, I went into the kitchen and measured the seasoned salt, garlic powder, and onion powder into the previously melted butter. I stirred and poured it over the 12 cups of cereal, pretzels and nuts. After mixing I placed it in 3 large pyrex in the oven. Then I turned around and saw on the counter the measuring cup of melted butter. But I had just poured that over the cereal mix? Confused, I looked into the sink and there sat my coffee cup. But I wasn't done with my coffee...oh dear. I had put the spices in my mocha-peppermint flavored coffee and thoroughly stirred it into the cereal before popping it into the oven. Now supposedly new recipes are born from mistakes, yet somehow this didn't seem like it would be one of those.
So we had compromised by having lunch at Quizzno's and then heading to McDonnalds and then to Santa. When we made it to Santa, there was a note posted that he was out feeding is reindeer and would be back in hour. Remarkably so, Aj did not melt down when I suggested we come back in the am tomorrow.
As we were driving home it occurred to me that I had received none of the items I had ordered from Amazon. That was odd, they usually sent things so quickly. I also hadn't gotten any of those emails lately that update you on the shipping process. It was then that I recalled that my computer was doing wierd things when I was trying to send that email. mmmmmmmmmmm. It occurred to me that the order never went through. AAHHH!!


  1. must have been a miserable experience - but what a great story. just loved the dousing the recipe with coffee part. spiced coffee, nonetheless. :)

    and so glad AJ could deal with the Santa delay.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. hope you have spare presents in your closet...there are a few setd of cars in the stockings at our house but that's about it...take whatever you need xoxoxxox Merry Christmas