Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day Update

In no particular order:
=Aj got a CAL jersey and wanted to call jennyalice right away and tell her
=Pops got me a cooking class at Williams and Sonoma (he knows I like to cook), a lovely basket of my favorite scent from Crabtree and Evlyn and reservations for us at a place in Cambria. He is such a sweetie
=14 for dinner a group of somehow kinda maybe related people and some extras. I was a little worried when Cousin Harley Davidsonn and his fiance started doing vodka shots at 2 pm-but no worries after all.
=Pops father, whom I call The General (and he likes it), gave us a trip to Disney land last year. That was a 3 day trip with The General, Pops the kids and I. And actually it turned out great. So today for Xmas he gave it to us again. The kids are thrilled. Last year we went over spring break. This year I want to take them out of school.
=cookies and milk left out for Santa and carrots for reindeer
=Making as much food as possible in advance for xmas dinner is a good idea. But not if it includes a Butternut squash and banana puree dish. Despite its containing alcohol and orange juice and being covered and refrigerated, it will still turn and dark brown and resemble baby poop. We had a little less food than I orginally planned.
=I love it when the kids yell,"Oh Santa, this is SOOO COOL!'
=On Christmas Eve pops had Ki call NORAD, who is known for tracking and providing current up to date info about the where abouts of Santa on Christmas Eve. Working Elves answer the phone. Ki said she wanted to know when Santa was going to be at our house. Ms Elf asked her, "Where are you?" Ki told her Deadwood City in CA. Ms Elf then told her SAnta was due at our house between 10:30 and 11:00 and that she should probably go to bed soon.(You'll have to try it next year with little one
=I think I wrapped a trillion presents
=Granny's arm was swollen and red and very hot Xmas night. I kept waking up during the night trying to come up with who I could dump my kids on the next day to take Granny to the MD (Pops at work)
=Over all things went well for XMAS

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