Monday, July 23, 2007

Follow up on the little one

I called case manager and expressed my concerns. Requested speech 3 times a week, an OT eval for SID and concurred with rec to have family see psych there that does ASD diagnosis. I held eval to go over with mom at first therapy session. There are 5 pages of details that one who "is in the know", would "know" what I was outlining without labelling. It is touchy-technically I am not supposed to diagnose. If the family were to look up things online, they would be able to match up symptoms to my report. I know that a dx will likely be provided in the next couple months. I feel that starting the therapy and family education process is good. It still breaks my heart knowing that one day soon all of their fears will be confirmed.

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  1. good job Sage... wish you had been on my team way back when...