Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A question

If the week looks like this:
M swim at the pool
T swim at the lake
W swim at a friends pool
Th swim at the pool
F swim at the lake
S swim at Grandpa's pool

Then when and how often does one need to bathe the little children?


  1. did you ever bring soap?

  2. hmmm I have been squirting my kids down with a hose in the back yard and calling that a bath. As long as they have no dirt lines around the socks and the tan bark is no longer in my kid's crack.. i am calling 'em clean.

  3. Depends on if they have sensitive skin or not. If not -- using my childhood as the example -- then swimming generally counts as the day's bath. Perhaps you could wash them with soap on Saturday.

  4. Girlfriend, if your children lived at my house, they would have a shower after everytime their skin either touched clorine or lakewater, plus another shower in the evening just for good measure. But of course, I throw my kids in the shower any time I need 15 minutes of peace and quiet, so I suppose it doesn't have anything to do with cleanliness.