Tuesday, July 31, 2007

denuding myself

Ah, the little, and sometimes not so little, hairs that sprout in unwanted places. It's been awhile since I've defurred my face. Based on my past experiences, I have trepidation about doing this myself. Years ago I waxed my bikini area and ended up with horrifying bruising in my groin area. On my upper lip I've always broken out in a mustache of acne.
I made a few calls to salons-but never got in. And the little hairs continued to flourish. I can't stand the little hairs any more! So last night at 11 pm I decided it was time to rip those babies out with my recently purchased facial wax strips.

I went to bed with my upper eyelids and upper lip burning. I don't remember it hurting this much. I awoke to swollen eye lids. On one of them I actually managed to pull off some skin - so now I look like I walked into a wall. And the upper lip, it is in shock as evidenced by the newly acquired acne mustache.
Good thing I didn't go for the bikini wax.
If there is a nexttime for all this-I'm scheduling in advance and paying up front.

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  1. oh my God.. I missed this post.. when you can't get into a salon.. you come to jennyalice's house... I can frost hair or do a full dye, wax lips.. or groin for that matter... oh dearie me...