Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SiSi Dog

Beautiful Brown, or Sisi the chocolate lab, almost succeeded in trying to kill herself on Pops birthday. Previous posts have appropriatley labelled her as,"She who makes poor eating choices." Vommitting, severely dehydrated, vommitted blood...rule out pancreatitis...gaurded...transfering vets 2 times.
Poor ol' brown she looked SO VERY SICK. I knew it was serious when I took her in. It was a long and trying day.
Sisi was a wedding gift to Pops and I 10 years ago. She is like the first baby. She is also one of the gentlest, sweetest, playful most beautiful dogs I've ever known. Losing her would be devastating.
The good news is she is fine. It has been nearly a week now. She is here asleep on the couch. Still on a diet of chicken and rice and pills twice a day of antibiotics, pepcid, etc. I've spent more time cooking her dinner thean my own. This year for vacation it looks like we went to the vet. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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