Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Java Dog

Java puppy is nearly 8 months old. She is a bit taller than Sisi and weighs about 50 pounds. In other words, a very big goof. She has that skinny, lanky, teenager look. Her ears seem to be set high on her head. This results in them often flipping back on top of her head. She looks like a little girl whose pigtails have unknowingly become stuck on her head. She still occasionally climbs into the bathtub with the kids. She will now tolerate my going in to my office and working with a client without going nuts on the other side of the door. She loves playing with the kids and does go nuts if she can't get out and be with them. Yes, she sleeps on our bed. She and Sisi have become fast friends and love to wrestle. It took Sisi 6 weeks before she was willing to play with her. She is a goofy, fearful, stubborn and marginally intelligent dog. I'm glad she is here.

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