Saturday, May 05, 2007

Notes on Convention-Night 3

~We found a kids book at a book vendor that focused on adjectives, "Bright, vibrant and somewhat trashy." I told Janice it described her.

~Dee is cool and hip and looks like she is 18

~Carol Channing and her husband were surprise speakers. They are 86 and 87 respectively. A darling and humorous pair. She has had so much plastic surgery that a smile adorns her face even while she sleeps. She was a bit dingy with age, but nonetheless, such a fabulous woman.

~Four children received awards for music that they had composed. I am talking about wildly complicated stuff composed and played by an 8 year old. I let the people around me know that my child was very gifted in compositions played on the Kazoo.

~The President elect of District 17 (San Mateo county wide PTA) is 47 and climbed mount Kilamanjaro last summer.

~Dee won 2 awards for District 17, and she still looks like she is 18.

~We danced the night away with 1,000 of our closest PTA Mommas. PTA Poppas are a rarity. That is a lot of Momma Booty doing the electric slide. Janice and I had a fab Freak Dance session.

~It is after midnight and Janice is down in the bar hanging with a couple of PTA Mommas. Or she was 30 minutes ago. I may have to carry thru with my threat to march down in my Eeyore pajamas. As we all know, effective parenting is all about doing what you say you'll do.

~I expected the convention attendees to be a group of nerdy, over-protective, anal, conservative white women. I have been proven wrong. While the majority are white and middle/upper income-there are some serious ball busters here.

~Dee is fun, warm and wise soul. I am so glad I got to know her better. And she looks like she is 18.

~Briefly, I have learned a lot, got some great resources, had a great time and am very pleased I came. A more serious entry later about our work here.

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