Saturday, May 05, 2007

Convention Update - Fri night

Janice, Dee and I drove to Sacramento for the annual Ca state PTA convention. In my wildest dreams I never thought I'd be a PTA Mom and drive a mini van. As Janice points out, atleast my minivan isn't "beige" like hers. Or "desert mica" as the jaunty people might call it. I think the difference is the Special Ed PTA group we are in is an ass kicking group of woman that I will always want on my side. As individuals these woman will leave the world a better place and as a group, we have the potential to move mountains.

We are keeping a running list of highlights from this trip. Thurs thru Sunday!
~Over 2,000 people here
There must be 50 vendors here with samples of cookies from their cookie dough fund ~
raising products.
~We follow strict parlimentarian procedure here and have a gentleman, Dr. Shilanski, who is a Certified Parlimentarian. AKA Certified Anal Retentive
~as a result of the above there has been a lot of talk about wanting to "amend the amendment of the amendment of the resolution"
~Arnold S. (governor) was supposed to come and speak. Evidently he couldn't make it across the street. We are going to go toilet paper his capitol building later
~Last night Janice went down to have a drink in the bar. I told her midnight was her cufew and if she wasn't back on time I was going to march right down there in my Eeyore pajamas. (yes, I have Eeyore pajamas)
~There is woman with eggplant colored hair
~Janice commented, "There is a lot of dress barn goin' on here."
~Janice has a left her baby at home and her bodacious tata's keep fillig with milk. I am afraid if I lean against her, she will explode and hose me.

More serious report at another time-getting good info here and connecting with people who have succesfully done some things our spec ed group would like to do


  1. Sounds like a blast! So, did you go down to the bar in your Eeyore PJs?

  2. What happens in Sacramento, stays in Sacramento.

  3. Bwahahaha. Wish I'd been there.