Thursday, May 17, 2007


I frequently feel tired even though I sleep TONS. Sleeping is my retreat. Things start to get nutty-and I start to feel sleepy and think, I want to go to sleep. Not the best coping mechanism. It leaves many of my responsibilities ignored. And surprisingly, note sarcasm here, things are the same when I wake up.
I was thinking earlier about this. It would also probably help if I didn't eat a diet comprised mostly of crappy foods. Ah, something to work on here.


  1. Actually, sleeeping is not a bad coping mechanism at all. Better than a lot of others I know (including some that I practice), that involve alcohol, drugs and/or yelling, screaming and otherwise losing ones temper.

  2. There was a time when I too resorted to sleeping as a cooping mechanism. I was a better person for it.

  3. so I suppose my coping mechanism would be sleep if I wasn't worried that Lucy would end up on the stove top. She has been doing one-armed pull-ups so she can swing the other arm onto the counter to get food toys etc.
    instead of sleep I do Sugar-free Redbull. On the weekends I add Vodka hahahahahahah. I have more gummy spiders if you don't have enough for a whole meal...

  4. Hey Sage,

    I agree with DT - sleeping is such a less harmful choice than indulgence in some other things. althought the gummy spiders sound tempting...

    You know, it's probably just stress and all, but I'm a leeetle uneasy. Would you perhaps want to squeeze a quick checkup appt with your Doc into your schedule? yes, i know it would be one more thing to fit in... but, just in case the issue is more organic than stress.

    why not nip anything else in the bud?

    and there's always the lollipop after the appt if you were good. :)