Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Teacher Confs and

Today we (Pops and I) had teacher confs for both kids.
Ki is doing great. All "4"'s on a 4 point scale. The teacher also mentioned Smarty Pants Academy ( a local public school that a child has to test into to be able to enter in 3rd grade).
She is warming up to the other kids more and gives them gregarious partings when we leave school, "Bye Mary, see you tomarrow!" She still doesn' t have a close friend really, but I think that will come. I know she will be a good friend when someone gets to know her.
In summary, she is a very bright girl and a kind girl. I am not worried about her. I foresee her to be a kind competent adult who will make her way in this world just fine. She will be good at whatever she chooses to do for work and she will be a good friend, partner and parent.

My ability to really focus on the important things and the larger picture in life is thanks to my experiences as the Mom of AJ. He has given me the gift of perspective, and for that I am grateful.

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