Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well the new "baby" has been here for a month now. The initial entry on Java was put in late. Poor peanut was fixed last Th. Hardly slowed her down, but she did end up with a shave job that makes her look like she has some wild bikini-bottom tan.
She is a typical lab, affectionate, wants to please, goofy. She is also a bit fearful of new people and other dogs. Clearly, she has some social issues. So basically, she fits in well with the rest of us. She is also quite clingy, always wants to be with me. This is a problem with me working here with small kids. She barks and bowls then over and wants to be WITH me. Not in the other room with Granny. She goes nuts when she is cornered off. MMM... This will be a fun one to take care of. I'm taking her to dog school in 2 weeks. I already know I'll have the biggest dork in the class. She will be way bigger than the others and barking and feeling anxious. We have had a couple doggie play dates with neighbor dogs already, that should help.
Poor Sierra. Java runs under her, then over her and is constantly standing on her to get her to play. She completely and totally ignores Sierra's growls to be left alone.
There is one interesting story about Java.
Sierra was a wedding gift to us 10 years ago. She has been slowing down and is ready to retire from duck hunting with Pops. Holding down the couch and looking out the window all day has become her permanent hobby. So Pops and I had been talking about getting a second dog. In the fall, for our tenth anniversary, I surprised him with the gift of an already trained hunting lab. But she was not the (expensive) dog she was supposed to be and we returned her. Later, on Cragslist I hooked up with people about 4 or 5 different dogs and came down to the wire every time. One time we even had to go interview. But each time, no go.
We heard about Java (Joanie) from a friend of a friend. She was up to date on her shots and free. To be honest, no one knows if she has "hunting lines" in her family. We're crossing our fingers.
We took her to the vet last week. Her forwarded vet records listed her birthdate as 9/29/06. Her birthdate was the day after our 10th wedding anniversary. That same day last September was the first time, since our wedding, that Pops and returned to the chapel we were married in.
I believe Java is meant to be with us. Like I said, she fits in with the rest of us.


  1. What a sweet story! Guess it must be destiny!