Saturday, March 24, 2007

Java joins us

Hi. My name is Java(?)
Well, I’ve been here for about 48 hours now. Before, just yesterday even, my name was Joanie. Now The People are calling me “Java”. The place seems okay, there are lots of things to do here. But before I tell you about that, let me tell you more about myself.
I am a gorgeous, silky-rich dark brown. I am a dog, although The People call me a chocolate Labrador. I was born in Oregon. I was the biggest of 12 pups. When I was six weeks old different people took me home and took care of me because my Mom was too tired from having so very many puppies to feed. Then I kept growing, and at only 5 months I was a big girl weighing in at 40 pounds. The people keep saying things like, “Look at those paws!” and “She has long legs!” and “Her parents must be big”. The Oregon People took good care of me, but I think they thought I was too busy, too much work or something like that. The Little People there got tired of playing with me. I sometimes knocked them over when I was excited. They talked about school for dogs and leashes and following commands, but we never did any of those. So, the Oregon people decided I would be better living with a family who had time to work with me. Next thing I know we are in the car and driving for hours from our home in Medford, Oregon to Redding, California. The Oregon lady takes me to a park and The Pops is there looking at me. I gave him a big bark, I was afraid. Turned out he wasn’t too scary. He had treats and knew how to play. We hung out and then he took me and put me in his car! I just met him! The Oregon People drove away! I’m scared. I sat straight up on the seat behind the Pops and watched his every move. After awhile, I let him pet me. We drove, I slept, we took a break, we drove, and I slept. It was almost dark when he stopped the car for the last time.
“We’re home!” The Pops said.
I am still a bit scared and just want to sit next to The Pops. They introduce me to this other dog (Sierra). She looks and acts like my Mom. She is a bit tubby and moves slow. She is also really grumpy and won’t come play with me.
Later we go in the house and there is a cat (Bear)! I’ve never seen one before! I try and chase him, but he won’t run. He keeps slapping me with his paw; mostly he leaves his claws in. Sometimes I slap him back with my paw. Then when he did finally run-he ran straight toward a door and disappeared thru it! The People said something about a “pet door” but I know that guy is just plain magic. Ten minutes later I found a funky looking cat-like animal. Turns out it’s a guinea pig. Every time I bark he jumps straight up. I barked a lot and he jumped a lot. There are Kid People here, too. They seem fun. I just love water and when they took a bath, I climbed in too.
Later at night time, I am not sure how to get outside or where to go potty. That is all a bit confusing. At bed time I jump into bed with The People and curl up on their heads. They don’t seem to think this is a good idea.
I suppose I’ll be alright here, as long as I can always be right with The People. I hope they know that.
They are calling me Java, instead of Joanie. I’m already figuring it out and come when they call.

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  1. mama and The Pops, You had our family laughing with the description of Bear with his claws and sleeping on the pillow with you guys! And we esp liked the "cussing with the christians". Very funny! Thanks for the tales and we'll be up to see Java soon!