Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kids and Baseball

This am was Opening Day for Little League. zzzzzzz. A bit of bla bla and waiting.
Ki is playing t-ball (where the kids hit the ball off of a tee versus being pitched to). It is co-ed, mostly boys. Four girls on this team, and they are some of the better players.There are no outs, everyone bats and then the other team is up. So each turn a kid swings until s/he hits one and then runs to first (only) and then with each child up, the run the bases. It can be pure entertainment to watch 5 and 6 year olds play a game they are only somewhat clear on. Lots of dirt hill building and daisy picking in the outfield.
Ki takes the game quite seriously. At the last inning she was catcher. One of the other kids threw the ball in and she tagged a runner out before they stepped on home plate. She knew she got him out and was quite proud. She is not a boastful child, so it was fun to see.
AJ's game was later. We kept him back this year so he is in coach pitch, as he was last year. We ended up knowing a large number of the families, and boys, on his team. So many people there know that he has issues with co-ordination, attention etc. At one point AJ was playing third base and a player hit a pop fly. AJ caught that pop fly. I cheered so hard I almost unhinged myself. Lots of people were cheering, because those pop flies are tough for all the boys to catch. He was so proud to hear all the cheering. He gave the crowd a little victory peace sign.
Go get 'em kiddos.

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  1. Go AJ! I can see him flashing the peace sign in my mind. I love your kids.