Sunday, July 16, 2006

Goddess Celebration

Last night I had a Goddess Celebration here for Sandrini, my dear friend who will be married in 2 weeks. Pops was home only 6 hours from after traveling 24hrs straight and being gone for over a week. He took the kids over to Gramps and bro-in-law for the night and to swim. Good guy.
So there 6 women here, and no children. Just us here to celebrate all evening and continue in the morning over breakfast. The majority of us were new to one another. It was such a beautiful time. I just can't recap it in words. It was heartfelt, open, honest, comforting and fun. It felt like a retreat in my own home. So strange.
I know Sandrini loved it and it feels so good to be able to do so much for someone who has done more for me then I can ever list. This is the first person I told I was going to lose baby Mary. The first person I called in the morning after giving birth, I had one baby who had died and the other was on a vent in the NICU. "I think I might loose it. Can you come." The one who stayed with my all night in the ER when I had one of my episodes of meningitis. The one I called and said, my Mom is in the hospital I have to fly to San Diego, can you get my kids. The one I called when my mother in law was dyeing, can you leave work, take time off and take care of my kids. I am blessed to have such a friend and to have had such a lovely evening.

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