Saturday, July 15, 2006

She who makes-poor-eating-choices update

Called back the vet. She said to bring beautiful brown lab who-makes-poor-eating-choices as soon as possible.
I call Mom of the 2 visiting boys and ask her to pick up boys vs my dropping off. Leave Granny with all 4 kids with Martha to arrive soon to pick up her guys.
I race over to vet.
Doggo is nervous when we get in the place and tries to dive out the first side door.
Vet and I agree to induce vomiting.
I sit in waiting room and drink Diet Pepsi and read a language intervention book. Somehow with doggie's emergency and all the craziness, I have managed to find some quiet time for myself!
Vet comes out and magnets in vomit. There were a lot of pretzels and raisins, which the kids confessed they has given her some. Evidently also some nuts. I have no idea what or where that is about. The vet questions if she ate the magnets. Though it's possible they were not thrown up, or less likely they are further down in the GI trac. Doing an XRAY would rule that out or I could wait and see if she passes them. Did I see her eat them? Well, no I didn't, but I asked those kids 2 times and they were sure...
I say let's go ahead and do the x-ray just in case. I mean who wants to miss something like this and need extensive and expensive care because I held out on an x-ray? Who wants to be the one to tell their partner the dog died because they didn't do a quick x-ray and identify the problem? There could be an intestinal block, the magnets could some how start to break down and expose her to dangerous chemicals., etc. This is my baby dog after all.
Well, you guessed it. No magnets. I now have a dog who was forced to vomit for no reason and a second vet bill of over $220. in 1 month.
But I do still have my beautiful brown who just celebrated her tenth birthday.

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  1. Mali and I love your dog and her expensive, questionable tastes nonetheless.

    Let me know what kind of help you'll be needing in August. I'll be out of town the 9 - 12 but otherwise will be here if you feel like throwing the kids my way. Especially as Iz won't be here August 5 - 17.

    I am thinking strong healthy thoughts for both you and your mom.