Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The host

A.'s appropriate use of very adult social language/interactions is amusing and joyful. He always shakes hands when he meets adults and is quick to to introduce all around.
"Lyn, this is my Grandma. You can call her Anne."
Clearly it is direct imitation of previous family interactions, but appropriate. Today, Leelo arrived in the house with his Grandmother, Patty. My mom is here so there were introductions between the adults. A few minutes later Patty left without A. being aware.
He turned to me and said, "Should I get her a beard?"
me, "What?"
A., "Should I get her a beard?"
me, "Oh! Should you get Patty a beer?"
A. "Yeah."
me, "Oh, that would've been nice for you to offer her, but she's just left."
A. "Okay." and back to the current tv show.

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