Sunday, July 09, 2006

Baby Mary

When I was born as a premature baby and the chances of my survival were questionable, the Catholic nurses on duty named me Mary. When it looked like I would survive, my Mom renamed me. Because according to her, "'Mary + my maiden name' sounds like an Irish lullaby."
When I was 5 months pregnant with A. and his twin, we found out that the other twin, a girl, had polycystic kidneys and would not survive. Potentially she could die in utero, thus throwing me into labor at any time and risking the survival of baby A. Or she could live thru the pregnancy and delivery and then leave us. Pops decided he wanted to name her Mary, because that had been the name I had been given at birth and was baptized. Previously, it had not been a name we were considering, but now it seemed perfect.
I had a lot of time and friends & hubby to help process all of this. One of my girlfriends explored past life experiences. A little out there, but a lot of it makes sense and gave me peace. Supposedly A. and Mary were together and deeply in love in another lifetime. Her role in this lifetime was to be here only long enough to care for her partner, A. And that she did. She didn't die in utero and never showed signs that she was about to. As we got closer to delivery the MD told me that baby Mary might die during birth, as birth is extremely physically stressful. But she didn't. That strong girl survived delivery and we were able to hold her while she lived her very short life. Seems she was clear on her role in her lifetime.
Tonight I was playing on the computer and googled my families names to see if others had the same names, and if so what they did/have done in their lifetime. I put in Mary plus our last name. There is one. She is an RN at a wellness center. Seems like this is more than coincidence. I hope Baby Mary and the soul, Angel, that she is keeps on looking out for big boy A.

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  1. I'm sure that is exactly what she is doing.