Monday, April 03, 2006

Catching Up

Spent the last 4 days at the state association speech conference. It was here in San Francisco. Always fun to see people. A number of my former and current students from SFSU were working as pages. I attended talks from pediatric swallowing, treating aphasia/cognitive deficits, counselling, opening a private practice, use of sign for toddlers, treating craniofacial anomalies and more. Lots of great handouts and info. And of course the exhibit hall where I dropped over $200.00 on materials. I got lots of good ideas.
even 2 hours a day
A. on break for 2 weeks. His behavior has been so awful at times lately that 2 hours seems like an eternity. I can get a tension h/a daily-if not mult times in a single day. He is often explosive. Yelling, hitting, screaming, kicking, calling me names.It is not purely manipulative behavior-as it rarely ends up getting him whatever it was he wanted. ex I turn the tv off. There is/are nother organic things here. Seems like developmental delays, ADHD and more. I end up screaming and yelling myself and at times hitting him. Which I am ashamed to say. I've never hit Ki. He can be so maddening.
A.'s aide at school gave notice. He has joined the Army. They said they needed him right away-gee I wonder why. War is no place for this sweet tempered, shy and quiet fellow. They are supposed to post the position. Last email I got last Fri they could not post it until he gave written notice. Gosh, I hope he knows that. Tracking him down in boot camp might be a problem. This whole thing could be a nightmare if we can't find an aide.
I am so pissy. A. makes me nutty, my Mom is here-which makes me a bit nutty with her frequent repretitions, and Pops has a tendency, which he doesnt hear, to sound pissy. All of the above makes me PISSY.

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  1. Can/Will they hire a substitute aide until they are able to get a permanent replacement? What a terrible state our world is in, if young men are going half way around the world to kill people instead of staying here and helping children to learn!