Monday, April 10, 2006

pee pee

Last weekend we went on a hike, Pops, A., Ki, Granny and myself. Midway through we grown ups looked down to see A. at the base of the hill with his pants at his ankles, his tighty Shrek underwear around his butt and his penis out in the wind. Ah, the joy of peeing in the great outdoors.
Ki was quite amused - this pee stream was something to behold!
Next she yells, "I'm gonna do it to!" From a bit of a distance I see her drop her drawers, thrust her hips out, put her hands down to her privates and...look a bit confused. Now we know the true origin of penis envy.
I told her I'd help her pee outdoors like a girl would. She complied and seemed to enjoy it anyway.
Good thing she wore those rain boots.

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