Saturday, March 25, 2006

underwear and socks

The laundry battles rage on. I seem to be incapable of feeliong grateful that I own a washer and dryer that are conveniently located in my home! I don't even have to go in the garage. But still I do not keep up. The dirty laundry grows multiplies like like fuzzy mold on last-months refrigerated left overs. The clean is uncontained and wandering aourounf the laundry roo, threatening to take over the entire family room. And then, there are episode where the two mingle...not good.
I am earning Momy points all the while. Lately, because there is no clean laundry I have been gving Ki 2 unmatched socks.
"But Mommie, these don't match!"
"Oh it's okay, just wear your rainboots and no one will know."
No clean underwear for me this am-or not any I could fit into.
I am wearing my husbands tighty-whities. Actually, the are tighty tie died. Quite brilliant really. Don't tell..

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  1. My child has sensory integration disorder and is nine years old. I blog extensively about my daily trials and joys with her. Today was especially rough so I went in search of other bloggers who might know what I'm going through. It's so nice to know I'm not alone. Blessings to you.