Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sensory Integration Dysfunction-hypo

Today we went to the beach. Me, Pops, Granny, A., Ki and brown dog. A true family outing. Temperature in the 50's, water temp 46 degrees. Gotta love the spring in San Fran. We walked and fell across a "dog beach" of sorts. At one point 10 dogs with in near view running and playing. My son swam more than the dog. A. Held up his pants and walked in the surf barefoot. This progressed to up to the knees which progressed to lying down face down in the surf while wearing pants, shirt and coat. He played for another 15 minutes or more in the surf before we called him out. My favorite thing was that he continued to hold up his pants while he waded. Like every inch of him wasn't already soaked. I love that little guy.
We walked back to the car along a path-my 2 kids sandy and dripping wet in 6o degree weather-people glancing at us with looks varying from amusement to horror.

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