Saturday, April 08, 2006


8:30 Pops and kids wake me up. Course Im already in and out of sleep trying to ignore that I shold be waking. A. with baseball game, he's to be there at 9. Ki t-ball at 9:15.
Realize last weeks uniforms never got washed. They are disgusting (another story). Mom hs done laundry during the week but forgets to check our bathroom. She says "Well if they were in the laundry I'd have done them" Pops says "How could this have happened!!!"
I feel stressed.
Kids are crying. Pops yelling.
Wash A's shirt by hand, put in dryer. Stuff him into size sml pants. He melts down over having to leave house in shirt that is not part of uniform. Later I drive it over to him.
9 :05 back home. wash ki's uniform and put in dryer she is insisting on bathing in no no. On second crying jag this am.
I go outside to get chair to sit on at game. Walk thru house to front. dog poop on my shoe, and floor.
9:10 find poop on my pant leg. no other pants to wear. wash it off.
go to bathroom. I've started my period. could explain more intense irritability and depression feelings.
9:20 ki's uniform out of dryer throw her in it, race over to field.
No one is there. It's 9:30, game at 9:30
come home to voice message we never heard or checked about cancelled game.
i make a cup of coffee, my vice in life, we are due to go to A.'s game.
had to write.
time, only 10:10 am
I think this will be a long weekend.

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  1. Ok, I know this isn't the point at all, but here's a helpful hint I picked up while on bedrest, from one of the "how to handle being a new mom of twins" books that I never had time to pick up again after they were born. It's a laundry hint. Establish a dirty laundry basket and a clean laundry basket. Eliminate the fold and put away steps, just focus on the difference between clean and dirty. A daily load of laundry (just mix everything together, lights and darks, except things that are really special and worry about those about once a year) can actually be helpful. Just dump the dirty basket into the machine, then into the dryer, then into the basket. Train the household to look for clean clothes in the clean basket (thus eliminating the folding/putting away steps, which are the real time killers). Sure, your family may wind up wearing the same clothes everyday to work/school, but who cares? At least their clean. My newest caveat is when the clean basket gets totally overloaded and folding/putting away seems inevitable, surround yourself with it in the evening while watching a dvd with your hubby. It'll be hard for him to not feel guilt-tripped into helping, especially when you pause the dvd to start putting things away.
    Or else, have your cleaning team come in weekly, add laundry to their job, and take on a couple extra clients to accomodate the expense.
    Just my unsolicited 2 cents, since this seems to add a lot of stress that you certainly don't need to deal with.
    big hugs,