Saturday, March 04, 2006

My little...girl?

My Ki is the biggest anti-girl ever. While I am pleased she does not obsess about being an overly made-up damsel in distress, I hope she does come over to he feminine side somewhat.
She prefers to play with boys at Iron Gate and has never once in her life dressed up as a princess. Even when we owned an outfit. At school she has dressed up like: firefighter, police officer, race car river and astronaut. For Christmas all she wanted was a superhero outfit, "You know, the one with the shiney legs and the cape and mask". She refuses to wear a dress or skirt or even a skort. She complains someone might say she is "pretty". I asked if it is okay to be called "pretty" if you have on a pretty pants outfit. That seemed okay-but stumped her a bit. She refuses hair clips or adornments and always has (they hurt). She now says she hates pink and doesn't want to wear it (we own a fair amount).

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  1. Um, excuse me, amiga, but I've seen YOU in a dress a handful of times, I don't think I've ever seen you in a skirt, certainly not in a skort! And I don't recall ever seeing you with hair clips either. In fact, no-one in your family wears those things (not even the guinea pig, who'd look REALLY cute in hair clips!!!). So I think K. is just fine. She is defining what is "normal" by her social context, and she is standing tall for her own identity. No worries on this one!