Saturday, March 04, 2006


I called my good fortune friend yesterday just to say, "I'm calling to tell you about my good fortune".
A's former aide at school, Miss S as he calls her, called me. She ended up taking both of my children from 3 pm 9 pm. They played and read books and made pizza. Later her husband joined them at the movies. BECAUSE HE WANTED TO. That's right, because he wanted to go to a movie with two kids aged 5 and 7. After the movie they all played video games and then went back to Miss/Mr S house for more pizza and play and then they were dropped off here at home tired and happy.
These people must be up for Saint Hood. (For them it is capitialized). Six hours of free babysitting AND they refused money to pay for the movie! Not that money is the issue.
Their kids are older (college and jr in high school) and they miss spending time with kids. Evidently my kids were well behaved. They are ususally better with other people. The best of course is that Miss S is a Mom and she knows my big A and his story.
The kids said they had a great time. There are plans to get together again sometime.
Oh joy!

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