Tuesday, February 21, 2006

word must be out i'm a liberal

well, words out atleast in the animal kingdom. i support gay rights-and they know. my female lab has long been interested in humping legs. mine. or other women's. never my husbands. i think it is because she is smelling hormone shifts or something. usually occurs when i am ovulating or having my period. we've thought of making some extra money by renting her out as an ovulation predictor dog. much cheaper than the fancy fertilitity stuff you can buy.
i also have and love, my guinea pig. it is a boy. i got another g pig boy that i am caring for. they are supposed to enjoy each others company. well all my boy did was madly chase and hump the other guy. causing the straight one to back his rear into the cage wall to avoid the mad-mounting episodes.
i've yet to get any input from the cat.

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