Sunday, February 12, 2006

They say it somes in threes

One week since my last post. On Monday Pops had his apt with orthopedic surgeon who said he has a massive rotator cuff tear and needs surgery. He felt 80% sure Pops woud get a full recovery. Which leaves room for angst about not having a full recovery in a guy whose occupation is depenedent upon using his arms well. Currently, with no surgery he can't raise his arm to the level of his shoulder. Pops was very distressed at this news.
Th afternoon A. had a permanent cast put on his arm-3 more weeks with the cast on.
Fri am Pops had surgery. The kids and I dropped him off and then went to Pete's Coffee to kill sometime before taking Ki to Bab's house for the am and A. to school. I teach F am's 9-12 at the university. That morning felt extremely stressful-I was out of it and anxious with all that was going on. Vi, from Pops work, picked him up and drove him home after the surgery and stayed til I got there. I got home 45 min later. There he was propped up in a chair groggy and in pain after the surgery (general anesthesia, surgery with a scope). He has this wild wrap around cooling blanket on his shoulder that hooks up to an ice filled cooler to keep his shoulder cold and help control the pain. In addition to that is this compicated sling he gets to wear for the next 6 WEEKS. It has a full arm sling, a strap over his shoulder, one around his back and a wedge holding his arm out to the side. Really this sling makes it look as if his arm was amputated and reattached. It's called an airplane sling (I think)-that's because one is as wide as an airplane with this thing on. He is in exceptional pain. The kind where you keep moving your hands or feet in an agitated fashion. Reminded me of labor-except he doesn't get to pop a baby out of his shoulder after all this.
Now it is Sunday. Pops is in less pain. If he doesn't move around he is okay, though he continues to need the Vicodin. He moves from chair to bed to toilet and back again.The kids have been good about understanding that he is in pain and not to climb on him.
The kids and perhaps all of this left me feeling very irritable by lunch time. I told Pops I was going to go shopping alone and get the b-day present for the 2 pm bday party I'm taking the kids to-I needed a break. I finish my shopping in Toys 'R Us and head next door to TJ Max for a few minutes of shopping alone in an adult section. I was handling a great pair of New Balance shoes when my cell phone rang. It was home. Pops said I needed to come home, Ki had hit her head and was bleeding and he needed my help.
Evidently A. was pulling her in the wagon and it flipped over and she hit her head. Lots of bleeding. The neighbor gave Pops a hand. I arrive home to the family lined up on the front porch. A. with his arm in his new green cast and sling, Pops with a half bared hairy chest, bandaged shouder and wild-ass airplane sing, Ki screaming, ice on her head, and blood down the back of her shirt. Once she was settled and I realized I didn't think she needed stitches I almost broke out in hysterical laughter. This is some kind of black humor.
I decide with the kids to skip the party. I set up pillows and blankets for Pops on a bed, refill and hook up his ice pack, get him books and leave him to rest. Kids are now watching a movie. I am contemplating a nap. Ki says she now wants to go to the party-we probably could. But the blood in her hair might be distracting to the other guests.

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  1. Hang in there, Amiga. It's got to get better from here. Big hugs, S.