Saturday, February 18, 2006


Sat at 1:30 pm
Ki has recovered mo problem from the bonk on the head. Pops has splint/sling for 5 more weeks. He was thrilled to shower last week and is doing more now-to the point of getting bored. Evidently this injury/surgery is known for a lot of pain. He gets tired during the day, but nights are the worst. Every time he lays down he experiences pain. Not too conducive to sleeping. Not to mention he has to sleep proped upright on his back. So he is a bit crabby at times. But we are doing pretty well about taking good care of each other and not getting impatient.
A. has 2 more weeks in his cast. Right now he is working off a little sensory energy by spinning on the floor on his back like a break dancer.
Our good friends, Mama L and Daddy S have evidently caught the madness from us. They have a 5 yr old w/ special needs and twin toddlers w/ language delays. As if life isn't crazy enough-he broke his right (dominant) hand and she is laid out with a really bad cold from the kids. I need a picture of our 3 guys in their various splints and casts.
Shortly, I'm heading out w/ kids to see "Curious George"-should be fun. I'm looking forward to the movie.
The in-laws (brother and Dad) are here and are helping out in the way they can. That is doing yard work. So things are being trimmed and swept and mowed etc. This is good the yard needs it-always a consideration given I work from my home.
Work is busy. More cases and calls then I have time for. Lots of 2 year old boys!! Started teaching again this semester at State Univ. Same class as 1 yr ago-so that is helpful in terms of prep time. Still a time effort-but I just love it. I changed reader and requirements for the class to make it more functional. Many changes based on input from last years students on how I coulld improve the class. I hope the reviews at the end reflect this. Class is called "Advanced neurological diagnostics".
Picking up 1 or 2 private adult neuro clients while a colleague is out on medical leave. Should be good exp and some extra money.

Time to head off to the movie!!!

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  1. Extra money as long as you bill them.

    Glad things are more manageable.