Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh My

Well the day after I write a post bashing Lovers family, he is an angel face. Karma. For my birthday he got tickets to a show in the city in Dec when Mom will be here to stay with the kids. Something we rarely if ever do. Great initiation on his part. THen it turns out he aranged awhile ago to have some friends of ours surprise me and meet us for dinner!! We had a great time.

Prior to Alex's birthday I told him that on that Tuesday we would take him to dinner where ever he wanted to go. He said, "San Francisco." I was thinking more along the lines of Applebees here in our town. He has talked often about SF since I took him up there for a consult with my friends. He is fascinated with all the forms of mass transit all the sights. Sights he loved:
driving by MOnster park, home of 49ers.
driving by SBC Park, home of Giants (our boy is quite the sports fan)
Bay Bridge
all the varieties of mass transit BART, electric buses, MUNI, horse drawn carriage, boats
we wnet to Pier 39 and walked around before our lunchat the RainForest Cafe. VERY cool place. I think I liked it as muh as the kids. I asked A later-"What did you like best about the Rain Forest Cafe?"
"The rainbow slurpee" Tough to beat that
After lunch we went looking for the cable car.A had been requesting tht for a couple of weeks. We rode from Peir 39 to Market (?).We saw the tree up in Union square and the big wreath on MAcys. A even got to ring the cable car bell!!
Cable car a hit for all us. Drove home past Golden Gate with settign sun and down the coast near the sunset with a beautiful sunset. Gorgeous clear day.

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