Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Cycle

A typical night of sorts.
Mom is here visiting. I take an afternoon nap and then stay up late I enjoy the quiet later.
wake up at 5:30
Bath time with the kids, the 3 of us bathe together.
Al leaves bathe because he is hurrying to go watch "ABC Channel 7 News". He is becoming obsessed with a schedule which includes watching "ABC Channel 7 News".
Then falls apart because he missed the usual (read routine) of our pretend toboggin sled ride in the tub. Gets back in the tub for the sled ride. Then out again and partially dresses with reminders.
I tell Alex we need to read books for homework. The thought of no "ABC Channel 7 News" causes massive tantrum.
Mom asks him why he is so sad.
He "rests" in room, screaming at full tilt.
He comes back out with me.
I request, "Mom, can you please sit on the couch and read"

Alex still sad.
Mom says, "Why are you so sad?" (Not getting that this is the same saga of a few minutes ago that then resurfaces in it's full glory at her inquiry)
"No, no Mom. Please, just read the book." I say.
Al, still screaming, Ki yells at him to stop and he hits her, she screams
*repeat above paragraph

Husband home at 7:15 pm
Father in law calls. There are some serious potential health things emerging with him.
Father in law again demands from husband what I want for Xmas. That family practice is to specifically define, order or buy the gifts you want for yourself, and then get gifts to them. They then give them to you on Xmas.(you are of course reimbursed if necessary depending on who ordered). --Surprise!

You see if you do it that way you don't have to think about the character and interests, joys or details of a person as needed to buy
So I say to my husband who has known me for 14 years.
"Don't you have any ideas of what to get me that you could tell them?"
"No, I don't know what you want."
No you have to understand that I am told by friends. "You are so easy to shop for"
That is when I retreated to this key board.

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  1. This is probably not helpful, but I always casually mention an Amaz0n wish list. Or offhandedly comment That There Is Now A Kiehl's Shop At The Mall.

    The other night when L was in tears about her life and I said "Oh honey, we're all mothers!", well, even so I wonder if she's ever gone through anything like your Cycle. Not to belittle her state of mind, but still.