Friday, November 25, 2005


Today it's my birthday...da da da da da da.
I couldn't sleep and finally got out of bed. 1:30 am. So it is my birthday just by 1 1/2 hours. I went to sleep with Lover (husband) and it must have been around the usual mudnight hour whenI was hailed into bed by Ki (WAAAA MAMA!!). I keep waking up coughing. I just got ideas for X-mas gifts for my special Mama friends and I am quite excited. Something creative-fun for me- and something I know they will like and appreciate. Fun to think of that stuff and that I may actually find the time to do it.
It is raining. Great smell and sound. Hasn't rained in ages. Seems like a cleansing of sorts for a new year for me. I am 42 today. Not sure what I think about that. I do wish I didn't look like the over-weight, middle-aged, mini driving Mom I seem to look and feel like. But I know a lot of that has to do with how I feel and that energy will be felt by others.
Lover has surprised me by making dinner reservations for us tonight. I don't know where we are going. I can't rememeber the last time he did that. Very sweet! Other times it as been, where do you want to go?
S. called the other day and asked to take me out for breakfast today-so I a looking forward to feeling celebrated. Mom will be home with the kids.

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