Friday, November 25, 2005

Ki's First Kiss

Yep. Ki is just 4, nearly 5 and she has just recently been kissed by a boy for the first time. He's older, by 2 years. He is the oldest B's blended family of 4 boys.
Ki made a card for Andy a few weeks ago. She makes them often for people, but it is true that to be chosen as a recipient means you have been dwelling in her mind at some level. He received it with the enthusiasm expected of a 6 year old boy. But I guess it did make it up onto his bulletin board.
Two weeks later he awakened B and her partner with sounds of busyness from the front room. He later called out, "How do you spell Ki". He had made for her the most beautiful and time intensive card ever. It involved cutting, taping tons of rainbow coloring and says "Ki, I like you. From, Andy." He proudly presented it to her and she was excited to have had someone made something for her. Later that day when we were leaving A and Ki loaded into the car and the van door was still open. I turned around just in time to see this otherwise not overly affectionate boy climb into my van, kiss Ki on the cheek and wordlessly leave again.
It seems neither of them are really too aware of this first kiss. But I saw it. And now it has been recorded.

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