Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mommy Points-a big loss

I figure we earn and loose Mommy (or Daddy) points as a parent.
One of my larger point losses to date was my over-sleeping (read kids were awake watching TV)and getting my son to school late on picture day. He missed the class photo, and I hadn't filled out or brought the for for him to order class or individual pics. :-(

Some points are lost just for daily survival means.
Both my kids are playing soccer. My son is The Killer Bees (yellow and black) my dtr is the Bumble Bees (yellow and black). Inevitably minutes before the game I cannot locate to appropriate pieces of the uniform. I have become the bait and switch artist. Todays clean laundry yielded 2 clean jerseys (1 each) one pair of black shorts and 1 pair of the requisite yellow socks. Dress A in his shirt and "the" black shorts and "the" yellow socks, go to his game. Come home have him change out of uniform. Give Ki her jersey and "the" socks and shorts. No one notices. No harm, no foul. How many years am I going to be able to pull that off? How many people do I actually admit this to?

1 comment:

  1. I guess that means I lose Mommy points for only buying one halloween costume this year, since the boys had their school celebrations on different days.

    Oh well, I figure I should get lots of extra Mommy points for all the ieps I prepare for.