Sunday, October 19, 2008


Driving on Woodside RD 3 pm a low slung car comes from behind, swerves into the lane beside me and slowly passes. The windows are down, music is on. I turn in time to see the passenger:
~ takin' a drag on a very small cig
~ suckin' the butt of a doobie
~ finishing off the mary jane
and finally
~now holding his breathe and wildly eyeing the Jack In the Box drive thru

Suddenly Aj yells, "Yuck, it smells like a skunk."

I don't correct him.

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  1. I've been instructed by Squidalicious to tell you have wonderful you are. Only, I knew that already. Ben and I miss you. We drove by your office today. "Me see Yoo-die? And dah-ddy?" Want to meet for lunch next week??? I'll email you. xo