Monday, October 20, 2008

Grade School Vocabulary

I dumped a shoe on the sofa and it bounced into Aj's crotch.

"Ouch! You hit me!"

"Sorry buddy, I didn't mean to!"

"You know Mom big kids don't say 'penis' they say 'balls and weenie'."

Laughing I could only mutter an "Oh!"

"And when you are in 5th grade you can say the 'C' word."

"Oh, and what (pray tell) is the 'C' word?"


Well, that is preferable to the other 'C' words that my dirty mind generated.


  1. Honoré de BALZAC (French pronunciation: [ɔnɔʁe də balˈzak]

    tee hee

  2. A riot.

    Sam has told me they are balls and nuts.

    My kids think the "f" word is fat and the "s" word is stupid. Clearly they haven't been hanging around me enough.