Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He's a good egg, a golden egg even

This week Pops is out of town on a trip to Canada where he is bird hunting with his father, brother and a friend.
Tonight was the SEPTAR support group, at my clinic. I can't leave my kids at home with Granny and no kids at the support group-yet it was at MY clinic. Earlier today I spoke with jennyalice and while I was preparing to ask her if she could take my darlings for a couple of hours tonight, she reminded me that she and squid were speaking tonight at a different school district. MMMMMM.

Jennyalice boldly offered to... "tell Decartes (her husband) that he is taking care of them tonight."
I offered, "How about if you ASK him."
So she did. But he is no dummy and pretty much knew this was a rhetorical question.
So the poor guy came home from work and while he had help getting Jake to bed, he then had my two, plus his own chatty 2 year old, Lucy, for the evening. Okay, so he also got cheap pizza for dinner.
I swore in my head that I would be back at 8:45. Yeah right.
10 pm I roll in. The only good thing was that I beat wife number one (jennyalice) home. My kids were happy, fed and cross eyed with fatigue on the couch.
Good ol' Decartes. He is a good egg.

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