Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Tonight was the first support group of the year for SEPTAR. A WONDERFUL MFT, named Ilana, offered to facilitate these groups for the year, free of charge. So very generous of her. As the VP of Outreach and support, Mama Bea set up and organized the groups. The thing about these groups and meetings for SEPTAR is that we never know how may people are coming.
Tonight was great! The meeting was held at my new clinic, which was special for me to be able to share that space. There were 11 of us, counting Ilana. The meeting itself was great and I anticipate people will return and that the number of attendees will increase. A few people talked about how finding SEPTAR and knowing there was such a group with pre-scheduled presentations and support groups felt like a life line for them.
I felt so touched. One of the dreams and goals in my life of having a PTA and support group for special needs families has been realized.

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