Saturday, November 18, 2006


Spent the afternoon with AJ. Pops had a client give him 2 tickets to the StaFford game at 12:30 today. AJ and I had a nice time. We drove to Paly and parked and walked in. AJ ate a hotdog, soda, frozen lemonade and dots ice cream. Tickets were free-food was of course, an investment. We lasted until after halftime and then we walked around the stadium and toward the car. I had such a nice time with my boy. He loves sports and appropriately called out, "It's a touchback!" at one point. I feel happy that he has such an interest in sports and follows the games of baseball and football well enough to watch and enjoy. They are such socially acceptable hobbies. He said his favorite part of the game was watching Stafford score a touchdown.

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