Friday, November 24, 2006


Working to get Special Ed PTA started. Thank goodness for friends who take the bull by the horns and push to rally get it up and going. My procrasinating style and busy life are not a good match for working on things when I don't have a deadline. We are meeting tomarrow for 2 hours! We are a group of women with good ideas, a variety of incredible skills & strengths and balls of steel. The thing that feels so good is that this not going to be a passing idea or comittment. These are women who are out to make a difference. We join together to make a difference for our kids, each others kids and all kids in this district.


  1. And we totally rock!!!!

  2. I have a good feeling about this...

    Thanks, Sage and Doubletrouble and Captain Blog, we are going to rock this school district.