Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mommy behind the stage

Ah, it is time for the school play again. Last year it was the play Aladdin and my adventures were in the green room. Aj played the "neighbor" and Ki was a merchant selling nuts. One of her lines being "Someone stole my nuts!". Do note the irony in that line.
This year the play is a comedy version of Robin Hood. Aj is Little John and Ki is one of the merry men. Aj is one of the main 8 characters and has quite a few lines! I am so proud because he was chosen over other "typical" boys. Ki is of course thrilled to be playing a guy.
Aj has one scene in which he is supposed to pick his nose.  It is helpful to know that in the past the picking of nose has been so chronic it was discussed in IEP's (note plural s). This boy has been rehearsing for this part for YEARS. So imagine my startle when Aj told me he was nervous about everyone seeing him pick his nose on stage-even if he was faking it.

 This year I am behind the stage as one of the stage managers. My adventures will be noted from that venue.  Well, so I was also put on the costume committee. Those who know me well just burst into hysterical laughter upon reading that assignment. That would be because my idea of dealing with a shirt missing a button or pants that need hemming is to not wear either of them. Clearly, I was not a lot of help there.
Today (Saturday) was the casts first day at the theater (10 to 5). I am getting over a flu bug and have a very marginal voice. Aj has had headache, sore throat and fever for the last 3 days-so he stayed home.
The sets are tremendous, just amazing. The music will be, too.
The cast is HUGE. Over 40 I think. Lots to keep track of.
Robin Hood and Maid Marian were told they will not have to kiss in the show. A relief to all children as the thought of touching someone of the opposite sex is horrifying. But I think when Maid Marian is an adult she will regret not being able to say she kissed Robin Hood.
Today we practiced with sets and music/light cues. I came home with a throat ache and head ache and crashed. Back on Sunday am 9 to 12.
Sandy is coming to see the play-kids are thrilled. Grandpa, Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary will come Sat for the matinee. Pops, Granny and I will watch final performance on Sat night.

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