Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sad Day

A tearful day.
We put Sierra to sleep this afternoon.
Our sweet girl has been with us for 13 years-after arriving as a wedding present at 10 weeks of age.
Seeing the tears of my husband as our brown girl faded was so very sorrowful.


  1. Funny. I thought of you all day today, at so many different and random times. Guess my heart knew you needed some extra love today. I am so sorry. That dog was as sweet as they come.

  2. So very sorry. She was such a good girl. She had a great life, and left behind great memories and stories to live on. Goodbye Sierra.

  3. We will all miss her. She was always just the sweetest dog, so completely willing to clean up all the food from the floor of my minivan without being asked, never too tired to run after one last ball if the kids were still squealing with happiness when she did it. I'm so sorry your good friend had to leave.