Sunday, June 21, 2009

Run baby Run

Pops signed he and AJ up for the 4th of July Fun Run here in RWC. Today they went for their first run. Aj sprinted an 8.40 minute mile for the first mile. Then they did the next 2 miles a bit slower and walked some. But basically, my energy boy did 3miles in about 30 minutes. I was there when he got home. He looked great and said he felt that way, too.


  1. AJ is such a butt-kicker! Way to go. Maybe y'all should come with us the next time we go hiking at the cross-country trails in Belmont; all the trails come back eventually and it's open, so hard to get lost.

  2. After AJ's next run, tell him that the reason his feet hurt is from all the butt that he's kicking!!! An 8:40 mile???? WAHOOOOO!!!!!!