Sunday, April 05, 2009

Beautiful Ki and the saga of the white dress

Poor Pops as been so concerned about getting a dress for Ki and her first communion. She HATES dresses and all things feminine, so this has caused some angst for all in the family. Quiet Pops as talked to nearly any mother he could get his hands on about the need for a white dress that would work. Due to his efforts we had dresses offered up from the Greek Orthodox Brownie Leader to the niece of one of his Palo Alto patients.
Today I bought "The 1st Communion Dress" for only $30.00 at TJ Max. I ripped off the tag that said "Cinderella" before I had her try it on. She would kill me if I had her wear something associated with a princess. Luckily, she won't try to decipher the sewn in label with the same moniker.
It is a very pretty dress. But I know not to utter the "p" word in her presence. Evidently the "b" word, "beautiful" is fine if not uttered with too much gushing. The dress has a slightly fitted sleeveless bodice with a design of sewn in pearls, and a long full skirt. No flowers anywhere. She tried it on and twirl led in front of the mirror, offering no complaints. She may have even liked it. But I think she was afraid to admit that to either of us. It will go well with the $13.00 shoes from Marshall's. I'll forgo any head piece or veil as a compromise to her.

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