Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lean closer so I can bite your whole head off

Sunday and Monday was one of those times when I felt overcome with sadness. All I could think about was everything sad and disappointing. My soul ached. I retreated to sleep for hours and most of a day.
I am still a bit touchy and was irritable at a meeting last night when forced to answer or entertain queries I found annoying. And I was easily annoyed. But at the same time I also wonder why we as women often feel the need to communicate with kid gloves.


  1. What's up sweet judz? Hope you are feeling better.

    Aaron told me the other night I should end every thing I said to him with "You asshole." As in, "Hey, can you brush the kids' teeth, you asshole?" That made me laugh even though I felt pissy.

  2. OMG SPT I just split my rotten sick gut laughing at your comment!

    and Sage honey girl you were not bad at the meeting I promise.. really.

    xoxoxo to you.

  3. I got some **mwah** for you right here. And you are still soldiering on, not giving in, and taking care of other people. Hoping to take care of you a little bit, soon.