Monday, March 02, 2009

Final Night of the Green Room

The final show. FABULOUS.
Al loses it when I break his anticipated rule and don't bring the actors from stage to green room at a time when I previously had.
He begins to rage.
A father of one of the kids steps in and raises his voice to Aj. Halfway through his reprimand he realizes that Aj is my son, not just one of the many actors. Actually, I was burned out by Aj and didn't and much. The Dad apologized a few times. He was really embarassed.
Aj continues to spiral down.

At the shows end I walk around with Aj trying to get him to calm down. I get him to stop crying and we walk in to see Mr. Cc. He is Aj's 1:1 aide at school and has come from the east bay to see the play. Sadly, aj is too out of sorts to pull it together to chat much.

I think the reason Aj had so much trouble on the nights of the performances was because he was tired, his ADD/ADHD meds had worn off, he channeled his stress this way and because I was there to direct his strong emotions at.

Other then that, Aj enjoyed it all and was fine at all other rehearsals. He did an excellent job with his lines. He was tremendous. As good or better than some of his peers. And so was Ki. She loved it too and she came out of her shell and became more confident.

I had a great time learning more about the theater. Getting to know parents I hadn't known before and spending more time with those I knew only a bit. I think Aj (and Ki) gathered more adults, and hopefully some kids, who will support him and greet him in the community.

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  1. Congratulations to all of you for such a huge and successful undertaking!